Web Conferencing: A Boon to Business

A process which makes use of internet to conduct successful online meetings, presentations and trainings is known as Web conference. In this process, employees sitting at a particular destination can connect with colleague’s world wide. Participants are added to a web conference simply by downloading an application and installing it over the system. Also, participants will need a configured e-mail to a web conference. In India, the Chief Minister, Mr Narendra Modi addressed the locals for an event called, ‘Garib Kalyan Mela’ through a web conference. Therefore, the valuable contribution of such communication technologies has been realised all over the world.


In the recent times, web conference has emerged as a revolutionary development in the communications industry. It offers multiple benefits to business organisations, such as increased employee productivity, reduced time to develop products, reduction in time to communicate and enhanced customer support capabilities. The best part is that these services have helped in cutting down on the costs as there is no need to travel to distant locations for meetings. With the advent in technology, convenient meetings can be arranged anytime and at any place around the world. A lot of companies have realised the need for techniques such as web conference as it helps in improving the productivity and efficiency of any business organisation.

Another effective way to conduct online meetings is Audio video web services. The basic requirements for such online meetings are file sharing, headsets, computers, conferencing software, the internet and telephone. The crucial part begins when all the participants can see and hear each. Subsequently, successful business meetings can be organised making use of effective tools. The best part about Audio video web techniques is that it adds a personal touch to meetings organised between people who are separated over long distances.

Web conferencing can be used to conduct a number of purposes, such as training sessions, product demonstrations, sales presentations and a lot more. There are a number of software’s available for web conferencing, such as Yugma, Oracle, Dimdim, WebEx, MegaMeeting, Microsoft etc. Business organisations can choose amongst these according to their needs as well as budget. Web conferencing is very beneficial as it brings a number of professionals at a common platform which helps in quick and easy decision making. Professionals can also make their conference well-organised by using tools such as PowerPoint presentations. An effective combination of audio and video conferencing can benefit business organisations in multiple ways. Also, these meetings can be recorded and used later for further references.

Web conferencing enables businesses organisations to reduce operating costs by minimizing unnecessary travel costs. Other benefits of this excellent communication technology involve close sales as well as negotiate contracts faster, enhance the competence and efficiency of communication, deliver clear, brief and reliable training, promote real-time teamwork between distant as well as local co-workers and engage in superior levels of communication with clients in addition to business partners. Thereby, most of the business organisations are making use of these effective tools to increase their productivity level.

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